How to Create and Use the V Rising Stone Brick?

Stone Brick is an essential V Rising item to build the castle of your dreams. It is with it that buildings can be improved and strengthened. To craft Stone Bricks, you will need a Crusher first.

How to make a Shredder in V Rising?
The Crusher is one of the first structures you can build to upgrade your castle. To do this, you need four Grindstones first. In addition to these, the Crusher also requires 8 Planks and 4 Copper Ingots.

Planks and Grinding Stones can be found on the map, but Copper Ingots must be crafted. Build a Furnace to be able to produce two items for the Crusher.

Build a Furnace for farm items
The items to make a Furnace are particularly easy to get. The problem may be the high quantity: 480 Stones and 60 Copper Ores. After building the Furnace, you will be able to craft a Grinding Stone and Copper Ingot.

How to craft Copper Ingot: items
20 Copper Ores

How to craft a whetstone: items
1 Copper Ingot
12 Stone Powders

Craft Stone Brick in the Crusher
Now that you have a Plank, Grinding Stone, and Copper Ingot, it’s time to make the Crusher. After creating the component, use it to produce the long-awaited Stone Brick.

To create the Bricks, add 12 Stones to the Crusher. For every dozen Stones thrown into the structure, you will earn a Stone Brick and a pile of Stone Dust. It will now be possible to upgrade castle buildings!

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