Explore the corridors of time using the obelisk symbols in Destiny 2

Osiris has another mission for you destiny 2 called cross the corridors of time. While you were able to travel it at some point to save Saint-14, you did not explore it in all its extent. It’s time to come back to this place and see what you can find. It is a land of mystery, and you will have to keep your mind on you while you are here.

Most of the time the last time you were here, the corridor is covered with this white-black color and gives the impression that you could fall at any time. You must continue to advance through the first series of corridors, and when you do, you will find yourself in a large room full of Vex. Take care and after finishing, you will see five different doors with a unique symbol in front of them. There is a correct order that you must follow and find this code takes a long time.

There is a handful of reddit messages trying to understand. A particular member of the community thinks that he understood, while another has a list of symbols that individuals must descend. The great thing people discover is that the symbols are on the sides of the obelisks in the world. You should visit the five obelisks available everywhere destiny 2 then venture into the corridors of time on Mercury.

For example, the above image is Edz Obélisk. Symbols in the middle represent the doors you need to cross in the Cooridors of Time. Knowing these symbols, write them then return to Osiris to browse the sundial. You want to start on the first symbol and go in the antihorarous direction. The first symbol should be the two nested circles, then enter the snake. Browse the symbols until you reach the upper symbol, which is the upper intertwined circles. You want to finish the Cooridors of Time in the central symbol.

Here is the order of this obelisk:

  • Nested circles
  • Snakes
  • To cross
  • Nested circles
  • Snake
  • Nested circles
  • To cross

Exploring The Corridors of Time - Final Solution Code [Destiny 2]

When you reach the end of the symbols, you receive a piece of knowledge at the end, then you return at the start of the time corridors. We still learn what all this and what it means. We will add more to this page as you go.

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