A new Destiny 2 trailer was released in honor of the start of the 17th season vision

In the conventional and pay multiplayer shooter, Destiny 2 started the 17th season called “Vision”, and on this occasion, the developer Bungie released a new trailer with gameplay fragments.

The most important event of this season is the return of the once magnificent Leviathan, which was abandoned and desecrated. But now the emperor’s ship has returned to get the power of the pyramid on the moon.

Another important part of this season is the processing of a solar subclass and a new dungeon, which will become available on May 27 and will have two difficulty options: ordinary (level 1550) and a master (unknown).

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Season of the Haunted Official Trailer

Otherwise, as well as the past seasons of Destiny 2, the “vision” will offer players a new and returned weapon along with a new seasonal pass and armor. A couple of new tasks: consisting of several stages of “insulation of nightmares” and the weekly “deliverance”.

The 17th season will last the entire summer period until August 23.

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