All Pokemon Starters classified: from the worst to the best

Pokémon starters are a controversial subject. No matter who you are, if you have played one of the games, you have an opinion on the best starter. This could be determined by what generation was your first, or a memorable moment in one of the games, but it was locked in your head in one way or another.

I will not pretend that this is an objective list. It partly depends on the quality of a Pokémon in combat, but it is far from being the main criterion. There are some who are classified lower just because I don’t like their face, or the generation from which they come, or just a vague feeling of love or aversion based on my memories of them.

However, these are my opinions and I stick to it. Without further ado, these are the 25 best Pokémon starters.


Gen 2 was my starting generation, so you would think I would have a little nostalgia for this time… and you would be right. But even in this spirit, Germignon falls flat. In terms of appearance and power, this Pokémon is really disappointing. It starts cute but subtly… False that only get worse over time, and its combination of being a boring HP bag and a type of mono grass with all the common weaknesses that this implies place at the bottom of this list.


I really like Gen 7 starters for the most part, but the strange Otaquin idol Structick does not arise with me like the other two that she shares. This is really based solely on the appearance of its advanced shape and on the fact that the water gun draws from its nose, which is just disgusting.


Yeah, I said. The electric mouse is cute and everything, but it is weak and a little over-type like a real Pokémon rather than a mascot, and I never liked Raichu much either. Alolan Raichu could talk about it for a long time, but still not enough.


This is based on appearance rather than efficiency. Grass / Fighting is a really cool strike, but I don’t like the look of this Pokémon. In addition, I admit a little bias here; I have never played in Gen 6, so I have no attachment with the entries of this Gen.


I don’t like her face. Or one of his other faces. The typing of subsequent forms (Fire / Psychic) would be interesting… If Victini had not beaten it with a punch while having a better view.


Lapokémon. His aura Béat mocks me.

Okay, although I like Vipelierre. These are the developments that disturb me. The poor Perd his arms because he evolves, which has always horrified me. In addition, it’s another Mono Grass, a shot that I hate.




I like turtles. And he looks so happy. In addition, its final advanced form (Torterra) is a very cool Pokémon, with a strike that I like (Grass / Ground).



Flambino is my second favorite epecies / shield starter, but I like his two developments much less than the final forms of his peers, so he obtains moored points. It is a nice Pokémon in terms of statistics, like beginners, but it does not have much to excite me. No, not even his stiff and clumsy football attack animation.



Look at him. He is so cute. If he did not transform into a final form as monstrously ugly, it would be perfect. As it stands, although it has venusure ruining the perfect progression of Bulbizarre and Herbizarre and being Mono Grass, holding him from being number one in my heart, instead of simply the Dex.



Yes, yes, a surface fire lizard. But all the Salamèche design looks good, it has solid statistics, and let’s face it; Salamèche was cool in the anime. The overexposure drops a few ankles, but just a few.



I really don’t like the creations of Ouisticram and Chimpenfeu, but I cannot deny that Simiabraz looks badass. However, I don’t think it’s as cool as his predecessor Gen 3, and loses points for being the same tapping twice in a row.



Grenousse is here fully brought to the back of its final evolution, Amphinobi. Amphinobi is really cool, with an excellent strike (water / dark) and a cool ninja theme. A theme that neither Grenousse nor the conceptions of Croador does not telegraph correctly, which is part of the reason why Grenousse is a little lower on this list than I would say otherwise.



Larméléon is in a boat similar to Grenousse, but I think that Larméléon in itself is a little more cute than Grenousse, and I really like Lezargus much more than I should probably, so it is a little jostled.



Carapuce is adorable, Carabaffe is cool and Tortank has integrated cannons. The line has the whole package. To tell the truth, I could not tell you why I put Carapuce a little higher than Salamèche. Perhaps it is the elegant design, the absence of an awkward intermediate stage, the way it turns completely backed, or that sometimes I can still hear Salamèche screaming and crying for mom after Carapuce bites in his neck, But I just like it a little more.



Tiplouf has the distinction of being one of the only starters, or even Pokémon in general, of which I absolutely love the three forms. Tiplouf, Prinplouf and Pingoleon all bring something new and exciting to the table as it evolves, really giving you this feeling of “I wonder what is the next step? he is evolving. In addition, it also has a really cool water / steel typage and made a fairly solid wall when it started for generation 4.



Héricendre was my very first Pokémon, and he is very close and dear to my heart. I almost put it at the top of the list because of this, but I couldn’t really justify it. Admittedly, the hercendre is its weakest form in terms of appearance, and it is unfortunately far from being a power plant, with a propagation of unfortunately spread statistics and a Meh Movepool.

I would always love inheritance, but on the repeated games of Crystal and Heart Gold, I realized that it is surpassed by another:



Kaiminus is really cool. Aligueur is great. We are not talking about Crocrodil.

He obtains a good moveet and a cool appearance, while appearing in a gen which did not have the saturation of insane water that the games would have from Gen 3, so creak as high.



I think the three forms of chick look great, and that was part of the first wave of double -type starters. The OG Fire / Fighting starter who launched a boring trend is an absolute power, and was in fact viable in terms of competition at its peak, which makes it one of the best five based only on power.



… But I would lie if I said that I was not lying gobou. He looks adorable, and Laggron is the coolest starter in the GEN (and one of the most beautiful Pokémon in general), which speaks volumes given the competition. In addition, I am a Surgeon for water / soil types; I would put Axoloto on the list if I could.



Normally, I do not prefer types of grass, but generation 7 has really highlighted the big canons with this adultability plant. It won me instantly, because I didn’t like the Flamiaou or Otaquin look, and I never regretted it. The developments have gradually won over me more and more, until the incredible strike Grass / Ghost and the RAD Z-Move cement it as what I thought was my favorite starter of all time.



I will be perfectly honest; Ouistmpo is entirely because I loved this scene from Ginythmic which was playing the drums in the Pokémon rock group at the end ofExpensive / Shield. It’s so happy to be there .___



Brindibou was great, I never regretted having chosen Brindibou. But see Kukui Inceroar take my Archaduction to Complex City at the end of my lune Playythrough sold me on the Pokémon instantly. I was looking at Masque de Tigre W at the time which did even more to sell me on this subject as the best starting Pokémon that the series has ever concocted, with its clear inspiration of the wrestler (and the character of the anime) Tiger the Dark. Over time and its exhibition SMASH Ultimate In addition, the Pokémon company will have to work very hard to precisely design a Pokémon more suited to my interests than this powerful cat.

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