Heart tearing: Nintendo

The Nintendo DS is probably only in use today and Nintendogs have not been in hand for a long time. Tikok user Pollard, however, found the game and thus two abandoned puppies. He even documented his exciting journey with the fur noses.

Nintendo: Dog lover finds old Nintendogs game on the train

Do you remember Nintendogs from 2005? This is a pretty tamagotchi, because with the help of your DS you have to take care of a virtual dog . Play, train, wash and even teach voice commands with him.

With dogs, of course, it should also be walking and, above all, feeding should not be forgotten. That sounds like a lot of work – perhaps too much for the original owner, of the two puppies left in one train .

Nintendo Switch painful launch

Tikke Pollard fell into the hands there and he found out that the puppies bear the names Tyson and Enzo and used to belong to an owner named Sean. He did not want to let her down and decided to at least temporarily pay attention to the pixelated fur noses that they earned **. (Source: [email protected])

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Nintendogs: Tyson and Enzo are now in good hands

Unfortunately, Pollard did not manage to find the original owner of the game, so he had to find a long -term solution. This starts again in one train and ends with the Tikoker leaving the game including the puppies in a tiny armchair in the Battersea Dogs Home .

Battersea is a well -known animal shelter in England and probably a good place where Tyson and Enzo now live. Maybe you are even lucky and another animal lover finds the game – Maybe you will get a home in which you can grow up happily .

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