Sony revises the PS5 – that should change

Will a revised PS5 soon come to the market? A new hint gives an idea that Sony has refreshed his console and also allows conclusions to be drawn about what changes in the new console model.

New PS5 revision revised WLAN & Bluetooth hardware

In the summer of 2021 Sony launched a new PS5 revision, now the next revision seems to be in place. Apparently the company has registered a slightly adapted PS5 version under the model number CFI-1200. But what does the new variant change? According to the reports, Sony has made some changes to the console radio equipment- on the WLAN and Bluetooth hardware of the PS5 .

The new PS5 version has already been removed and certified by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication-this is certified that the device corresponds to the current technical standards ** (Source: VGC).

This could mean that the new PS5 models may have a slightly better connection quality-but it is also possible that Sony only exchanged the components in order to react to the hardware crisis and keep the production capacity stable or even increase.

Currently, the new PS5 version only seems to be in circulation in Japan-whether and when it also finds its way into the rest of the world is not yet clear. However, it is certain: There will probably be no noticeable performance increase in the new PS5 model . This will most likely only be carried out with the introduction PS5 Pro – and the players will probably have to wait at least one to two years.

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PS5 model in conversation with 6nm chip

However, what could happen before is an exchange of the PS5 console chip. An AMD SoC is currently working inside the console, which is manufactured in the 7NM manufacturing process. For some time now, however, the rumor mill has assumed that Sony will soon be relating to a 6NM chip on the PS5 that works more energy-efficiently.

This would not only reduce the console’s electricity consumption, but could also reduce heat development, What could lower the volume of the console under load .

Sony Never Told PS5 Users About This Feature
However, it is still open whether Sony is really planning such a big change. There is still no official confirmation of the company. We will keep you up to date.

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