Xbox Series X: Not just a new Silent Hill in Work according to the rumor

There have been some rumors about the Silent Hill brand in the past. So Konami is said to have given some of his rows of plays to external developers. In addition to Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill.

Developer Blober team could continue to work on a reboot of the series. Sony may also have his fingers in the game, which could mean an exclusivity.

Silent Hill PS5 Screenshots JUST LEAKED and are CREEPY!

Now numerous pictures have appeared on the net from an unannounced Silent Hill game, which are to come from 2020. The insider Aestheticgamer aka Dusk Golem, which was considered to be trustworthy, released them on Twitter.

In his tweet, the insider writes that he could share a lot more and also have enough evidence that the pictures were real.

Interestingly, he also mentions that it would not be the only game for Silent Hill that is under development.

Aestheticgamer already received a DMCA strike for violation of copyrights due to the pictures. He then deleted her on his own so as not to endanger his Twitter account.

Another user, however, made a screenshot of the pictures (see below) and added an earlier statement by Alanah Pearce, in which it is said that the game was interactive. Accordingly, you have to sign a waiver or agree, since the characters would interact with the real world in the game and send messages via SMS or email if you are not playing actively.

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