While waiting for the next Vanillaware, Sword of the Vagrant will be released in June on consoles

Already available on Steam since July 2018 under the name of The Vagrant, the game of the Chinese studio Otk Games is finally ready for a console outing. This action-RPG with obvious inspirations will be available during June on PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Switch at the rate of 10 euros.

This small price is also one of the forces of the game on Steam, where it can currently be affected at a price of 1.19 euros as part of a promotion. Large widely on Vanillaware’s action games like Muramasa: The Demon Blade, even in the proportions of female characters. Beyond this generous argument, the game claims a certain work on the decorations of its 6 levels, its strong bestiary of 70 monsters or encores its action-RPG systems.

Vivian, our proud protagonist, has a skill tree to improve its essential characteristics (attack, defense, health…) and unlock skills (gain more gold, more effective care object, double jump… ). The weapons and armor found on the way are also improvable several times, which increases their offensive or defensive value but also to add rune locations, for example to enchant your weapon with an element. Four difficulty modes and a dozen bosses are available to the player, who can then start on a New Game+ to discover the different ends.

NEWS | The Vagrant rebranded! multiplatform release this June!

Sword of the Vagrant – Trailer (PlayStation/Xbox/Switch)

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