10 minutes of gameplay for Soulstice, and a pre -order deluxe edition

Somewhat discreet since its latest appearance at Gamescom, Soulstice, Action-RPG Transalpin developed by Reply Games Studios and edited by Modus Games is in detail in a video centered on its fights, and its famous synergy between its two heroin sisters.

While the pre -orders of his future Deluxe edition are open, SoulStice is generously revealed in a gameplay demonstration of ten minutes long, which returns in detail on the central identity of the title: the fusional and mystical relationship between its two Heroines, Bria and Lute. To save the kingdom of Keidas, on the verge of apocalypse following the invasion of the Wraiths, the two sisters will form the tandem of the chimera, an ultimate avatar born of the union of their two souls.

On the one hand, Briar, a signet ring in armor who will be the physical argument on the battle path, by means of his giant sword and his wide panel of combos. Lute, on the other hand, is a shadow that will serve as tactical support with her share of offensive spells and support to better manage the hordes of enemies around us.

The more the two sisters will work together, the more they will collect unit points, a resource which, cumulative, will allow to deploy a whole series of powerful attacks, or even put themselves in “drunkenness of combat”, a temporary state of frenzy which will multiply our damage during a short period of time.

On the Deluxe publishing side, the Lot should have a digital artbook and a BO digital, as well as a pack of objects “ashen blade“: consumables to equip Briar and Lute with a better combat panoply from the start of the game.

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Now set in the fall of 2022, Soulstice will be released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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