Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl reveals 3 more DLC fighters

_ Nickelodeon_ stars Gamemill Entertainment revealed three more planned characters for DLC releases now, during the summer and during the fall. One of those characters, Jenny «XJ-9» Wakeman ofmy life like a teenage robot is available right now with a breakdown of the game that accompanies the character to show what she can do.

Together with Jenny, Gamemill Entertainment revealed this week that Hugh Neutron ofthe adventures of Jimmy Neutron, child genius_ and rocko ofthe modern life of Rocko_ would come in summer and autumn, respectively. The website since then, the advertising of these characters has been updated to reflect that news with Jenny’s complete set of movements that can be seen there.

You can see her movements that way, but if you want a better visualization of what Jenny can do, the video will be provided below. It presents Thaddeus Crews, the characters designer and programmer who works at Nickelodeon’s Star Pick,who shared a tour and a demonstration of Jenny’s movements.

This game showcase consists of about six minutes of combat and ends up showing the other two characters, Hugh and Rocko, which will be available later. However, no specific launch dates or gameplay for them have not shown. In the game’s Twitter account, Nickelodeon’s stars

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl - Official Jenny, Hugh Neutron & Rocko Reveal Trailer

The last DLC forNickelodeon_ stars Jenny creates 23 characters that can now be played in the Nickelodeon fighting game and that total will rise to 25 once the next two are added.

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