Games Current 06/2022: Special to JRPG

Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, cold, hot, hot, hot, hot, cold – the weather cannot really decide in which time of year we are. So while we walk through the area with swimming trunks and poodle hat to be prepared for all eventualities, there is a place where the weather can be weather and can vegetate comfortably, regardless of whether it rains, snow or the sun In the eye: at home on the sofa! Or in front of the player calculator, but the picture doesn’t work quite as beautiful. So it is good that the current release thumb seems slowly but surely to come to an end and there is enough food with which you can indulge in the sweet pleasure of all possible game worlds.

The Top NEW Upcoming JRPG Games in 2022 | PS4, PS5, Switch, Gacha and PC JRPGs

new food for PC and consoles

And what do we have beautiful? In the preview area, devilishly good mood spreads, because Diablo Immortal also appears for the PC with the Early Access end of the mobile version. “Do you have no mobile phones?” It was said at the time for the announcement by Blizzard, little charming, as a criticism of the spin-off.

first row for Nippon clichés

And of course we also have a lot of reading food on offer for the numerous fans of our extensive specials. Our report on the 15 clichés, which you can find in almost every Japanese role -playing game, even made it into this issue as a title topic! How do you find our approach, more and more topics apart from tests and previews on the envelope?

Like to send me your feedback to [email protected]! But only after you have also made it in our other specials, for example to the retro-hit Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, 30 years of Wolfenstein 3D, to the GTA finders Dan and Sam Houser and a question of whether Efootball 2022 is now a bit good for (do not do it). Have fun!

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