Spy X Family fans postulated a character to be the most hated anime

Sometimes there are unbearable villains in the anime, which is why fans are boiled by the blood of just thinking about them, because they commit great atrocities within history. So far, _ Spy X Family _ did not have a character with these characteristics, but apparently, in the last episode a candidate already emerged.

The villain in question is the director Swan , who certainly feels a kind of remorse for the Forger family, trying to deceive the trio in his test to attend the academy _ Eden _ . As a result, _ Yor and Loid _ almost kill him in the process, and realize that they could have a better opinion of their non -genuine family unit at 100 percent.

The publication that fans carried out on Twitter not only put _ Swan _ as the most hated character in the history of anime, but also included other villains that shone by his evil. There some of _ full metal alchemist _ , another from _ hunter x hunter _ and even a girl who comes from acclaimed _ Attack on titan _ .

Why We Love Spy x Family

In articles related to this anime. Recently the author of _ Attack on Titan _ Tribute to this work of _ spy x family _ . Here you can see how everything was in its final sketch.

Editor’s note : There was not much lacking to meet a hated villain of this anime, the worst, is that it is an common person, so it is not surprised that there is an inspiration from real life.

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