Modern pentathlon: Riding should be ridden by obstacle

The jumping riding will be replaced by an obstacle discipline in the modern pentathlon. Nine months after the scandal at the summer games in Tokyo, the World Association UIPM announced a test phase for two variants, which were selected from more than 60 suggestions. Details have not yet been mentioned. The test runs should start right after the World Cup final of the fifthlets in Ankara at the end of June. The UIPM congress must then make the final decision.

The World Association for the selection and the procedure is criticized hard by its athletes. The responsible working group was closely based on the guidelines of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said UIPM President Klaus Schormann: “The athletes play a central role in this process.”

However, violent contradiction comes from the circle of athletes. The Pentathlon United interest representation calls an intervention by the IOC, the executive of the World Association ignores the majority opinion of the athletes. Among other things, these would have spoken out in a survey by Pentathlon United for receiving a discipline from equestrian sports.

“It becomes clear that the UIPM neither represents their athletes nor listens to them,” said a letter to the IOC, from which the industry service quotes insibethegames. The World Association thus violates the Olympic Charter.

The UIPM described the selected obstacle discipline as “compatible with the DNA of the modern pentathlon”. In addition, it is possible to reduce the costs, access to the sport is simplified, the popularity for all age groups is guaranteed. Sustainable implementation is also possible. When it comes to the selection, the prerequisites for reception in the program of summer games 2028 in Los Angeles were in view.

The already controversial discipline jumping riding had become intolerable with the scandal about the German athlete Annika Schleu at the games last summer. In Tokyo, Schleu had been on a gold course until her horse -drawn -diltrated horse refused to jump. In tears, she tried to bring the animal back to the course with spores and whip, the pictures went around the world.

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In November of last year, the deletion of jumping riding from the modern pentathlon was announced, but only effective after the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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