How to change the subscription to the new PS Plus?

We are almost a month after the launch of the new ps plus . In this way, PlayStation has updated its section of frequency questions in its official place, to clarify some of the largest that the public still has related to this service.

In this way, Here we share the answers to the issues that still need an answer to convince you to join the new PS Plus.

How to change the new plan?

Whenever your subscription does not expire before the service changes, migration to a new subscription plan, where you will keep all the benefits and advantages of PlayStation Plus for which you had paid , will be done automatically.

What will happen to your normal PlayStation Plus subscription?

When the new service arrives, your subscription will be passed to PlayStation Plus Essential and ** You will have access to the same advantages of PlayStation Plus from which you already enjoy.

What if you already have a subscription to PS Plus and PS Now?

If you have a subscription for both services when the new PlayStation Plus arrives, Your subscription will be migrated to the PlayStation Plus Premium Plan, and you will have a new single payment date based on the subscription that ends later. You will receive an email notification with the new payment date and subscription fee.

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Is the time accumulated in your subscription will be respected?

Yes , you will keep all the time prepaid in the new service.

How to obtain a subscription to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium?

When the new PlayStation Plus subscription plans arrive, you can change one with more performance and advantages . When you do, you will be charged to transfer the remaining time of the current subscription at the desired level. For example, if you acquired a 12 -month subscription five months ago and you have seven months left, you will have to pay a prorated fee to change the desired plan during those seven months. When the next payment date arrives, you will be charged with the standard price of the subscription plan to which you have changed with the current payment frequency.

What do different levels include?

  • PS Plus Essential maintains more or less as we know the incentives of the Plus now.

  • PS Plus Extra , meanwhile, gives access to a catalog of 400 PS4 and PS5 games.

  • PS Plus Premium Includes all of the above with more than 300 additional PS3 games (through the cloud), PS1, PS2 and PSP. In addition, it incorporates the set by streaming and access to titles tests in a limited way, before they get to the market.

Considering that The new PS Plus service will arrive until June 13 to our region , this information will surely be very important for all those who still have doubts about. In related issues, Sony blocks the accumulation of PS Plus and PS Now. Similarly, free demos will be in charge of Sony.

Editor’s note:

These are doubts that people still have. Although the changes to the new PUS are not so difficult to understand, Sony has not done the best job to transmit the information correctly. Hopefully this section will clarify some important issues.

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