Sims 4: EA trolls us with the worst Sim ever: Ring Ring Girl

On April 26, the new update for the Sims 4 washed something into our main menu, which we could not escape for a day. With her deep blue eyes, she stared at us, accompanied by an eerie grin, as if she had just escaped from a stranger or as a demon from a horror film. We are talking about Callia Maebey, better known as Ring Ring Girl. (via SimsCommunity)

The invasion of the Ring Ring Girls

Who is Callia Maebey? So far, the young adult has had a rather quiet auxiliary job in the Sims 4-main menu, where she suggests the functions of the cell ph1. In keeping with this, your name should be an allusion to the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen (via Sims Fandom). Her facial expression was already crazy and worried some players, but that was it too – until now.

With the latest update (consoles 1.58/PC version, she has now freed itself from the bonds of the main menu, or rather said, it was made into the wide Sims 4 world by the Sims developers for unknown reasons dismiss. Because we could no longer escape the young lady with the obsessed view of the main menu, she was everywhere!

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And not only that. She also affected the official Twitter account from the Sims. With her crazy look, she also stared at us from the profile and header image.

You don’t feel uncomfortable at this look?


Are you sure? For real? And now?

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get Callia into play – or better let it stay!

The crazy spook in the newly designed main menu and on Twitter now has an end, but we’re off to Callia Maebey. “I’m here to stay!” It says in your description text of the gallery, where we can now actually download it as a Sim.

But be careful! You should think carefully about whether you want to get involved with the Ring Ring Girl and get them into your game. It has a selfish and unpredictable character, which her gaze already gives an idea. Self -talking and unpredictable actions are not uncommon while trying to find as many friends as possible. And if you are tapped into their trap first, then it costs a lot of effort to keep them happy.

All of this tells us their gallery side, through which you can download them if you want. But again: consider it well. We warned you!

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