Pokemon arceus legends: the transfer of Pokemon from one game to the other back

Respectively released in November 2021 and in January 2022, Pokémon Diamond Entrance / Scintillating Pearl and Legends Pokémon Arceus are still waiting for the addition of compatibility with the Pokémon Home service, which allows you to store online and transfer the creatures of the games.


Made by Ilca and Gamefreak, Pokémon Diamond Flowing / Scintillating Pearl and Pokémon legends: Arceus still do not allow players to send their Pokémon to the Pokémon Home service.

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Ilca and Gamefreak in difficulty?

This service, free with limited and paying functions via subscription to access everything else , must indeed arrive one day or another on the titles, in particular in anticipation of the release of scarlet / purple Pokémon at the end year. The Pokémon Company had announced that compatibility will arrive , but we have had no news from it until recently, and again. The news that succeeds today have been published by Centroleak , a specialized Twitter account Pokémon whose reliability is variable .

Relayed information has often been verified, but it has also been completely denied several times. What will follow is therefore to be taken with tweezers. According to Centroleak therefore, The work on the compatibility of Pokémon Home with the two games is not stopped , and Gamefreak as he would have _ “well progressed” _, despite certain difficulties.

a certain number of features would be there

Centroleak is careful not to announce a potential outing window but advances several things. First of all, the Pokémon Home updated would be capable of displaying the Pokéballs imagined for Pokémon ARCEUS legends. Also, during a transfer of a version to an older version via the Pokémon Home, the creatures would see their skills replaced by set of compatible attacks.

If all is well, Pokémon of Pokémon Go should be transferable in the two games , and the only limit is the presence of creatures in target games. All that remains is to wait for an official announcement to find out when we can transfer our Pokémons. As a reminder, the Pokémon Home is accessible on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android .

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