[Exclusive] Yoon Seok -yeol administration continues to promote probability regulations and regional ointments

The 20th Presidential Acquisition Committee used the legal regulation of probabilistic items and the development of e -sports industry as a national task for the development of the game industry. It is meaningful in that the commitment is actually promoted as a candidate for President Yoon Seok -yeol.

On the 28th, an official of the acquisition committee said, “We have disclosed information about the probability -type items in the National Assembly, and the amendment of sanctions when it is a violation has been pending. Since it has been, I will actively improve to protect game users. ”

The Cultural Commission is planning to support global support and domestic regions for the development of the e -sports industry. An official from the Commission said, “We are planning to hold a global competition, such as holding the Korea -China -Japan e -sports competition, regarding the adoption of e -sports official sports this year.” The official said, “Our country is e -sports, and it is important to establish a standard to clarify that we are the first place internationally.”

The local ointment system, which was a commitment to Yoon Seok -yeol, will continue to be promoted. An official from the Commission said, “Regional ointments are not just research, but the infrastructure should be prioritized.” In addition, “professional personnel are planning to introduce certifications because it is necessary to create and cultivate and increase institutions.”

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Meanwhile, on the same day, the acquisition committee said that K-content, such as games, will be fostered as a genre given genre so that K-content, such as the game, can become a everyday leisure culture of the world. An official from the Commission said, “We will grow into a future food industry in Korea through systematic support such as talent training, infrastructure construction, business development, and overseas expansion.”

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