How to get authority in Dune Spice Wars

In the dune: Wars of Spices, authority presents the leadership of the faction and dominance over various regions of Arrakis. It is mainly used to take control of the villages of Arrakis and is one of the inaccurate resources in Dune: Spice Wars. Players will need to farm the authority, and this can be done by developing the levels of relations with other fractions, trading with various spit and successfully performing spy operations.

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You can also build administrative hall on the main base of your faction to increase authority production by 30%. This resource is one of the conditions necessary to capture any village in Dune: Spice Wars. After capturing the village, players will need to pay authority and water annex the region for their faction.

Players can also get authority by voting for the resolutions of the Landsraad council, such as imperial propaganda , which gives +30% to the growth in authority. Make sure that you have gained enough influence by trading with other fractions and building certain buildings to win a resolution with a majority vote.

In the same way, the implementation of spy operations and missions is also necessary to increase the authority of your faction. Players will need to strategically place agents to penetrate various sectors, including houses, Hom, Landsraad, space guild and Arrakis. This will ensure an increase in authority, which will allow your faction to quickly annex more villages.

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