What is the “Wizardry Studies”? New picture introducing “Two Point Campus” Magical Course

Two Point Studios has released a trailer for the Hentako University simulation “ Two Point Campus “.

This work is a new operation simulation by the company that developed “TWO POINT HOSPITAL”, and will create universities that have unusual classes such as “Knight Science” and “Gourmet Studies”. The initial release was scheduled for May, but the postponement was announced on April 6, and the new release date was local time on August 9.

This video, which was released as a course introduction trailer series, introduces “magic course” as one of the courses at universities that will be operated in this work. You can see any classes, such as mixing a large kettle or looking into the crystal balls by dressed in a robe and wearing a tongue hat.

“Two Point Campus” will be released on August 9 of the local time for Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam (Windows/Mac), Microsoft Store (Windows)) and overseas PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch. 。 The Xbox/PC Game Pass will also be supported from the release date.

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