Lemgo-coach Kehrmann hounds after defeat against THW Kiel

from Hamburg report André Dersewski and Maximilian Schmidt

“As often – Niklas Landin in the gate”, Florian Kehrmann had the answer to the question of what had made the difference in the press conference after the narrow 26: 28 defeat against the Thw Kiel had quickly prepared. “Seven minutes before the end, we have a free lining (24:23, D.Red.) A free litter chance of circle, which we do not go purely. I’m sure if we put on two goals leadership, we have a good one Chance to win the game, “Lemgos coach said that his players praise his players from the title defense a great praise:” What they brought to the record and what they have offered for a fight is incredible. “

A belonging portion of Wehlut was told Kehrmann at the last Final Four in Hamburg, but also proud of what reached. “I’m glad to be a handball coach and what I’ve accompanied my life as a coach. To be able to do this under such outstanding conditions is something very special,” said the former national player. “Of course I have to bring the guys over and faith, I did that.”

What they brought to the record and what they have offered for a fight is amazing.

Florian Kehrmann about his players

Ultimately, there were little things that were missing to continue the miraculous cup of TBV from the Surprise Triumph last year to continue participation in the European League (in the second round for Wisla Plock) and the renewed final Four qualification. Kehrmann: “Let’s hold a ball anymore or our ball goes in and we run with two goals, we may win and all say, ‘The next sensation is done!'”

How long it takes to the next is uncertain. The Lemgoer team, the Kiel surprised on Saturday almost for the second time, will no longer play in this form. Leave again power carrier the club, once again is a change. Kehrmann and the TBV is to be confident to master him again.

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