The new League of Legends champion is filtered before the revelation

League of Legends’ The next champion seems to have been filtered before the planned to reveal Bel’veth, a vacuum champion who will play the role of Jungle. The champion in question was revealed in a video shared by liga YouTuber Ryscu who showed the model in the game for the new character, although we have not yet been able to see any of him. Riot Games has not yet officially revealed Bel’veth, so it is not clear if all this information is accurate or not, but if there are leaks like these online, it is likely that we see an official revelation soon enough.

The video showing Bel’veth can be seen below, courtesy of Ryscu. YouTuber has been publishing different videos in recent days causing Bel’veth news by first showing a welcome art and then the appearance of the champion before the game on Wednesday.

If the name itself was not a gift, Bel’veth is definitely a vacuum champion, as indicated by the previous suggestions of champions road leaves. Its appearance presents the characteristic purple and black aspect that other vacuum champions carry and, unlike the most human champions of Kassadin and Kai’sa, Bel’veth has an appearance more similar to that of other monstrous vacuum champions as Vel ‘ Koz and Kha’zix.

More interesting than that is the fact that he shows it in two different ways throughout the video. The one that seems to be the initial form of it preserves some human qualities since it apparently has a human head in that, but the YouTube said that he changes and ascends to him after using his maximum ability. Presumably, that is the one that has the golden head and other golden details in the model, which then looks more than vacuum.

While we still do not see how it looks at him, clearly there is some kind of reference to them, perhaps a passive, in the purple arrows placed in a picture around Bel’veth. The same image is shown next to the health bar of it as a definitive inverted fix, but, naturally, at this moment it is not clear what exactly does that skill do, although it is present in its two “forms” after reaching the level six.

The last Champion Roadmap called this vacuum jungle a rosemaker. It also contained a mockery for the champion that can offer some ideas on how these skills look.

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“Those who voluntarily do so will be rewarded by becoming part of the lavender sea in constant expansion, crashing as waves against the defensive structures of the enemies,” said the advance. “Refer to your Empress and let it feed your essence, so you can be part of the new Evolution of Runaterra. And as an additional benefit, if you succumb to it, you will also witness the true elegance of it, the true beauty of it., and the true face of emptiness ».

He is attentive to the revelation of Bel’veth by Riot soon enough before the arrival of the champion to the PBE for the test.

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