Square Enix insists: he wants to enter the Blockchain universe

BLOCKCHAIN, NFT, CRIPTOMONEDS… They are terms that have grown in recent times and that they have not stopped appearing since then. In the cSquaree of Square Enix, the Japanese firm hSquare already confirmed that you want to experiment with this type of technology, an Squarepect that its president, Yosuke Matsuda, hSquare again influenced interview with Yahoo! News According to the manager, traditional video games may not be sufficient for the Final FantSquarey Editor, Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest.

Final Fantasy XIV To Adopt NFT Model? - Square Enix President Discusses
“In the future, we would like to try to provide ‘autonomous game content'”, he explained in the interview. “So far, in most games we offered content Square a finished product and players enjoyed it. However, there are a certain number of users who want to contribute to the fact of making the games more interesting, “while” creating new features and ways of playing. “

The head of Square Enix hSquare said that they intend to use “the power of these people” to profile titles “that will continue to evolve”. And he adds: “If instead of relying on goodwill, we also provide incentives to those who contribute to development with technologies such Square the Blockchain , there are possibilities of creating interesting and innovative content” bSquareed on “the ideSquare of users “.

New year’s message with winks to the NFT

In the New Year’s message published on the official website, Matsuda stressed that the term Nft had won “presence quickly in 2021”. According to his words, it increSquarees “the liquidity of digital objects” and opens “the doors to the Commerce With a variety of items at high prices. “

The reaction of the players to the NFT hSquare been quite virulent. For example, Stalker 2 creators had to reverse their Blockchain plans just a few days after their ad, since the community received the news with harsh criticism. Square Enix, for its part, affirms that technology generates “enthusiSquarem” and hSquare expanded the user bSquaree.

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