Wow: Satte Nerfs for Destruction Witcher and Survival

The WOW developers swing the Nerf-Hammer and publish a hotfix that meets the destructive witch champion and survival hunter in the framework of weekly maintenance. After the team announced two Nerfs for sorcerers and hunters, it later gradually put it again and strengthened the witcher-nerf.

Nerf for inferno and running stove bomb

The Witcher 2 Commentary - A Grand Experiment
The Nerfs for Survival Hunters and Destruction Hexamen can look like this as follows:

  • Survival Hunter: Run Fire Bomb (Rune Schnitz Power) now causes less damage due to the explosion if the ability meets more than eight goals.
  • Destruction witch champion: Inferno (talent) has a reduced probability of producing more soul fragments via fire rain, if it meets more than five goals.

The developers had the Nerfs originally limited both in the Survival Hunter and the Destruction Hexamine master on opponents over eight targets and explained:
In case of survival hunters, we want to ensure that rupture fiber bomb remains an excellent legendary choice in AOE situations, with damage similar to other AOE capabilities. At the destruction witch champion, we focus on the synergy between Inferno and fire rain, The due to the resource generation leads to a dramatic increase in the damage with the number of goals.

Later, however, the team reinforced the Nerf for the witcher again and wrote in a bluepost:
We find that this synergy [between inferno and fire rain] is still too powerful for eight targets because of the resource generation, and by adapting that, we prevent we need to make changes to the damage emissions of the destruction hexamine could affect lower opponent numbers. “
Destructive witch champions will have to live with a strong nerf. What do you think about that? Do you find the attenuation of Inferno and running fire bomb in order? Write us your opinion in the comments.

Source: Wowhead

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