“Its like a cherry blossoming cherry blossoms -RE: Birth

Domestic Beautiful Girl Game Brand Navel announced on April 16, “**” like a cherry blossom that scatters. It will be released in 2022. Mr. West and Hakata is in charge of the scenario and the screenplay, the character design and the original picture.

“It’s like a cherry blossom of the cherry blossom, like a cherry blossom, like a cherry blossom of the cherry blossoms,” is an 18/18 love adventure game released in 2002 from the domestic beauty girl game brand Basil. The hero’s Sakurai dance is a second grade to attend the Private Sakurazaka Gakuen. He lived in Hokkaido, but returned to Sakurazaka City, who spent a childhood a year ago, and has sent mediocre everyday at Sakurazaka Gakuen.

In the main story, the story starts from the scene where Sakurai Handians spend the last day of spring break with her friend. Five heroines appear and love and pleasant everyday with them are drawn. The system is novel game format. That is, the story is expressed by the letter and the standing picture or CG, and the story is branched by the option. Different stories with multiple heroines are expanded.

After the release, the contents were evaluated high from the player. The site “EROGAMESCAPE-Eroge-critic space-critic space-critic space-critic space” that collected the player’s impression mainly for beauty girls and adventure games, 82 points with median, 81 points with an average value by 2124 data. In addition to the densely kneaded stories, the characters that have a good comedy element and heroine are also attractive. Such points have gained high evaluation. On the other hand, in this work, there are uncompressed and mystery, and the player has long been waiting for a sequel and a full version. In addition, from basil, “It’s a full version like a cherry blossoms that fly scattered” in 2009, but the additional element of the same work has increased the heroine to be captured and remained some scenario. The continuation of the story that has been desired after the release of “Like a cherry blossoms that dances” is not yet drawn.

Spring Is in the Air ???? Cherry Blossom Cookie has arrived! ????

“It’s like a cherry blossom, like a cherry blossom. As mentioned earlier, the scenario and the screenplay are responsible for the character design and the original image of the character design and the original image. Mr. Fat Graitor is in charge of scenarios such as “like cherry blossoms that can be scattered” and “we do not wing”, and in recent years, some character settings and event stories of “Princess Connect Re: Dive” I am working.

Mr. Nishi Sakai also is an illustrator who has been a character design or original with a large number of works, including “like a cherry blossoms that dances” and “shuffle!”. NAVEL has established a basic basil staff who worked on the original, and has developed the “Shuffle!” Series. In other words, the original staff of “Like a cherry blossoms that dance” are working. I also want to expect to continue and sequel for many years of desired story.

“It’s like a cherry blossoms that scatters-RE: BIRTH-” is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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