Experts point out that the SWITCH PRO is real

For years, the existence of a Nintendo Switch Pro has been one of the biggest rumors of the players community. Now, a recent analysis of the latest trailer of the sequel de _ Breath of the Wild _ could indicate that an improved version of the hybrid console is on the way , this according to Digital Foundry.

In the most recent Podcast of Digital Foundry, YouTube channel focused on analyzing the technical aspects of various games, it was talked about the past trailer of the sequel to BREATH of the Wild, where it was pointed out that Nintendo is using some advanced techniques In this delivery , so it is speculated that a new switch model is on the way. This was what Alex Battaglia said:

Nintendo May Have Teased Switch Pro Already!

“I would not be surprised both in terms of what the game is about. In general, I think, since they are delaying it now, I think it will be the equivalent of what we saw with Breath of the Wild, where it is launched in the old and also in the new. “

In his analysis, Battaglia said that The volumetric clouds in Switch are rarely seen and the perfect anti-aliasing , something that even the Xbox series X has problems, it also seemed to point out that the sequel could be running in A more powerful version of the hybrid console.

Although there is a possibility that Nintendo used a couple of techniques to make the trailer look better of what is actually the game, this usually is not the case with the company, and we usually see progress that faithfully reflects The experience that will come to our hands. Along with this, some fans have pointed out that the delay could also correspond with a more powerful version of the switch.

At the moment there is no official response from Nintendo. The sequel to Breath of the Wild will arrive in the spring of 2023 . On related topics, a filtration reveals the possible name of this continuation. Similarly, the value of Nintendo decreased by revealing this delay.

Editor’s note:

A new version of the switch is still a possibility. While the OLED model substantially improves the screen and, therefore, portable experience, there is still an increase in power for all those who prefer to play in the dock. This is something that has to happen yes or yes.

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