Need for Speed: Chicago, cartoon and photorealism effects, new fleeing details

The next Need for Speed will land this year 2022, after a one-year postponement. While we are still waiting for a first trailer, a first name or just a first logo, a famous journalist unveils before the time of detail rather interesting.


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Jeff Grubb is not anyone in the videoludic landscape: renowned journalist working at Venturebeat, he’s with Jason Schreier one of the most sourced and credible insiders for some time. So necessarily, when the man loose some well-placed scoops in his podcasts, we have to stretch his ear although the plugs takes too much.

In this case, it is the next Need for Speed that interests us: This will be reminded that it will be released in 2022 and that any logically, Electronic Arts should soon lift the veil on the project. Grubb comes, however, let go of some treats in his show Grubbsnax, which he advances according to his own sources: The first thing to know is that the context would set in the city of Lake Shore City, directly inspired by Chicago. * * After the Simili-Miami of Heat and the Fortune Valley Factive City, in a kind of Nevada in Payback, The return of a deeply urban setting would be part. **

An artistic mix… bold?

Also and above all, Jeff Grubb specifies that Criterion Games (which deals with the development) would opt for a resolutely photorealistic rendering , a tangent already borrowed from a few opus. It is recalled that according to other rumors, the title would only come out on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series, the PS4 and Xbox One versions that have been finally canceled: We cross the fingers so that the graphic result is to The height of new generation machines. And the potential is real.

Otherwise more interesting, the American declares that an original artistic bite would be opted: _ “There will also be visual effects of anime type. You see, as in automobile ads where while the car rolls, flames and other cartoon ways fly in all directions. It’s what kind of effects they seem to want to reproduce “ _,” he says face camera. Suffice to say that the mix of these assets with photorealism has something to intrigue.

The journalist continues by stating that the tunning will make a return in good and due form, with the possibility of _ “customize each of the pieces of your car” _ . A system that, says like that, recalls the bold mechanics “autosulpt” introduced into Need for Speed Carbon… which does not rejuvenate frankly. Finally, last information to be put under the tooth: the kind of social network “Autolog” would also make its comedack.

Always according to corridor noise, CE Need for Speed 2022 whose name remains to be clarified would come out next November.

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14 minutes ago

Chicago, Cartoon effects…

It’s not to say, except for beaufs or children, difficult to advise this series.

What is one day they will learn that driving pleasure is not in the city?

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