FC Bayern: Sane brother trains with professionals of FC Schalke 04

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The seven-year-younger brother of football international Leroy Sané is currently trained with the professionals of second league leader FC Schalke 04, but on 17 April at Darmstadt 98 is not yet in the squad.

“We wanted to give Sidi the opportunity to snoop with us,” said coach Mike Büsken about Sidi Sané, who will be in the coming week 19: “We all know that his way in recent years was not easy because he was paved Of some injuries. But basically he has an exciting profile. “

The right outside, which plays in the Schalker U19, should be constructed slowly. “But if they have the necessary talent, they are not to be stopped anyway,” said Büskens and told an anecdote: “awesome was when Rodrigo Zalazar) told me:” Buyo, who looks like Leroy Sané! ” Then I said, “That’s his brother too.” He could not believe that at first. “

Darmstadts director Rouven Schröder explained, Sané is “a young guy who has the opportunity to show up”. To his contract situation, Schröder said nothing: “We will observe the situation in a great way. A good player is reluctant to pull us, but we will not put pressure on.”

Leroy Sané debuted in 2014 at 18 years on Schalke in the Bundesliga. Two years later, he moved to Manchester City, since 2020 he plays for FC Bayern. He completed 42 international matches.

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