LOL: This is the new script that cheats use and allows to end the enemies instantly

League of Legends is a game in which cheats do not take place. Even if we have been enjoying the title for years, it is unlikely that we find a player to whom we could accuse of using scripts to obtain unfair advantages in the games. However, from time to time hackers find a safety failure that they can take advantage of temporarily. A situation that has just taken place and is allowing these individuals to end any enemy just by approaching him **.

The new script that says League of Legends

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Due to some small riot Games failure, players have been able to develop a program that makes Rek’sai in the most powerful champion of history , allowing the enemies from 99% of their bar. of life alone with a first contact. Practically I know how to kill any rival with the look, running both in the characters of the opposing team and in the neutral objectives. In this way, cheats can obtain absurd damage figures and destroy the items in unpubitable ways.

Even if the previous video in which we can see the script and its effects in operation is capable of being afraid of any player, the truth is that there will be no long time to worry. League of Legends usually solve these security failures of surprisingly fast and, in addition, it is very easy to detect players who have abused error being tremendously remarkable in games and leading to a large number of negative reports. This situation, added to the difficulties in obtaining accounts at 30, promises to protect the rankeds while Riot solves the ruling.

This is not the first time that the players manage to break the security systems of League of Legends. Sometimes they have managed to do so abusing some of the strangest interactions achieving 500 losses in a game with Poppy and others have had to resort to external programs. Unfortunately, no game is able to escape everything from cheats and even if the incidence of these in the title of Riot is very low there is a possibility of running with one.

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