Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is closing

Naughty Dog has announced that it will support unchart: huntortunas is officially coming to an end. The free mobile game was launched on iOS and Android devices in 2016 and offers connectivity with unchart 4: the misconducer of the thief. When playing the mobile title, players could unlock several cosmetics to use in the Multiplayer Mode of the PlayStation game 4. _ Fortuna_cacer has been removed from both stores and players can no longer make purchases in the game. Fortunately, the developer has declared that those who have the game on their device can still play it in offline mode.

«As of today, purchases in the Treasure Maps and Bags of Orbs game have been disabled, and the game is no longer available to download from the Apple or Google Play Stores application. However, you can continue playing in connection mode. Until it is deleted from your mobile device », the developer wrote on Twitter.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Is Shutting Down
The announcement of Naughty Dog was received with some surprise on the part of Uncharted fanatics; Many did not even seem to know _ Fortuna decer existed! Six years is a long life for a free mobile game, but it is strange that Sony and Naughty Dog have not given _ Fortuna_Cañador a greater momentum after the launch of the inexplate actual action film. Given the success of the film and the fact that there has not been a new Uncharted video game out of PS5 Charted: the legacy of the thieves is strange _ Fortuna_Cañador did not receive any kind of attention.

Naturally, some fans wonder what will mean the elimination of the game for inexplete 4 content. It is possible that PlayStation or Naughty Dog can permanently unlock cosmetics with an update for inexplete 4, if there is demand for players. Unfortunately, it seems more likely that this content can not be obtained in the game. At the end of the day, it is not the end of the world, but for players who care about conservation, it could be a bit disappointing. With luck, Naughty Dog will give the fans an answer, in one way or another!

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