Nagelsmann: I have a lot to do until Tuesday

Nagelsmann Promises Benfica He'll Eliminate FC Barcelona From The Champions League
Such under Voltzwang, FC Bayern is rare. It’s not just about the entry into the semi-finals of the Champions League and the thus extremely important income in Coronaziten, it is much more about the own right to not blam.

For everything respect before the FC Villarreal and his footballery strong performance in the first leg, the Munich were the day of the draw and until the batch of the game on Wednesday, the househohe favorite. A failure would pose a lot of questions on the Säbener Straße.

Sané, Gnabry, Müller and Kimmich stuck in the mold low

So what happens on Tuesday (21 clock, live! At players) at the second 90 minutes in which the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann has to catch up on this 0: 1 residue? In the current title story, the players calls the problem areas of Bayern this Monday: the defensive, the offensive, the balance and the shape of individual players. The latter is a complicated task for the chef coach, as he himself says, “I have a lot to do until Tuesday, I am aware of it.”

This includes players like Leroy Sané, Serge Gnabry, Thomas Müller and Joshua Kimmich out of their deep. Only on what way? “There are simple things to put every player on his maximum comfortable position,” explains Nagelsmann: “The topic ‘Starkredpres’ is too plump. For the players know all that they are outstanding, so they play at Bavaria Munich.”

We will not have to deliver a glamorous game on Tuesday.

Julian Nagelsmann

Nevertheless, the lightness is missing, the otherwise usual sovereignty. Bayern’s head coach knows that. Why he emphasizes: “We will not have to deliver a glamorous game on Tuesday, but a game in which we shoot two goals in the end than in the first leg.”

So it could be a tough effort, so far that after 180 or 210 minutes plus-minus penalty shooting only one counts: the progress. That does not matter. But the Munich must significantly increase in several areas. For them speaks that in the past, they rarely have given themselves as a favorite in a K.-O.-decision. And mostly then delivered when they were required.

_ Read in the current Montag Chicker (Odhier in the emagazine from Sunday evening), whereupon it depends in detail what the problem is the problem with the individual players, to what extent the offensive is weakening and what it has the lack of balance. In addition, you will find everything for the molding low of Leroy Sané, which has praised for eight weeks more and more._

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