Hitler greeting on the podium: FIA examination against Russian kart

The automotive world association FIA has initiated an investigation against the Russian kart driver ArtJom Sewerjuchkin because of the show of Hitler greeting. A decision on the penalty against the 15-year-old should be announced shortly, the organizer FIA announced on Monday.

Sewerjuchkin had followed himself on Sunday after his victory at the European Kart racing series in Portimao during the national anthem on the winning podium first two times with his fist on the chest and then lifted the right arm. As a result, the driver broke out in laughter.

FIA launches investigation into karting driver after podium salute full video |MBS
On Monday, Sewerjuchkin explored in a video on Telegram. He assured that the gesture was not meant as Hitler greeting: “I am willing to be punished, but please believe me: It was not my intention to show a Hitler greeting.”

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Sewerjuchkin went to Portugal because of the sanctions against Russia as a result of Ukraine war under Italian flag at the start. The FIA wrote in its opinion of an “unacceptable behavior”.

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