Lee Chang-Yang Industry Secretary Candidate Daejeon Ventilation Economic Raising Industry Policy

Lee Chang-Yang Industry Normal Resources Candidate Candidate said, “We will envision the industry policy that our economy can re-reduce in Daejeon Hans, such as” Digital Conversion, Carbon Concerns, Global Licking, and Supply Principal Concerns. “

This candidate said this day, the Minister of Industry and Normal Resources.

“This candidate said,” I feel heavy responsibility to the Minister of Industry and Normal Resources, which is in a strict period that the global management environment is rapidly changing and the global management environment is in a strict period. “

“If you are inaugurated by a greeting hearing, you will be able to think of industrial policies so that our economy can re-enable our economy to reduce digital conversion, carbon conversion, global affordance, and supply chain concerns.”

China calls for strengthened macro policy coordination to boost global economy

“The candidate,” said, “We will continue to communicate as partners with governments and regulations, and we will keep future growth engines and maintain our industry’s technology competitiveness through technological innovation support.”

This candidate adds to “pursuing a reasonable, practical energy policy, and supports industry competitiveness by connecting the industry and normalization in response to the new normal specifications,” he added.

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