Test LEGO Star Wars La Saga Skywalker : le menu Maxi Best of, option Golden

LEGO Star Wars : le Lego le plus ambitieux de la saga ? ???? TEST
The game is therefore extremely generous in all its aspects, especially that it does not forget to give us on occasion the orders of spaceships or to make us play the famous race of modules of the young Anakin Skywalker, for a always varied and relatively long result. You will see here or there some people talk about a lifetime limited to about ten hours, but this statement is highly debatable, unless you play the Sunday Speedrunners. Rather 15 to 20 hours to complete the adventure by seeking to enjoy and watching all the cinematics, and 30 to 60 hours to find most secrets and fill out a maximum of free mode goals. And it is obviously this aspect that must motivate the players, since following the main scenario will necessarily surrender no cinephile or a follower of the previous Lego Star Wars. Playing Coop will certainly reduce these different durations, but in return you will have fun even more. The adventure is really thought of cooperation, since even solo we always run a team of characters, and it is necessary to regularly zap from one hero to another. As a result, it is really amazing and regrettable that the game is struggling on Coop online, only local mode being available. In terms of defects, we can also cite menus and an interface too busy and not always very practical. By wanting too much to put in their game, developers have forgotten the accessibility of this point of view. Nothing well badly, and it is better an adventure too filled that not enough, especially in an anthological, even full context, like this one.

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