MLB The Show 22 Supercharge Players at the beginning of the baseball season

While the Major League Baseball season is officially underway, Sony San Diego Studio has something original for MLB The Show 22 in his sleeve. Rather than letting his base cards from the live series, he imagined a new initiative for Diamond Dynasty: Supercharged Players. Basically, throughout the season, the developer will keep attentive about exceptional performance throughout the league.

MLB The Show 22 | Announcing Supercharged

The idea is that any player who has a particularly remarkable game in real life can receive a huge increase in the notes, transforming an also average player into an absolute monster. The problem is that it is only temporary: an overload of 48 hours – as its name indicates – which temporarily will temporarily put the ordinary players with the superstars.

Obviously, the developer will continue to adjust the notes throughout the season if players continue to go beyond expectations, but above all, it is about providing interest in often neglected cards. This will completely invigorate the community market and, crucially, keep the teams of Fresh Dianasty Diamond. The first improved notes are online at the moment, and others will follow up to the opening day.

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