PS plus April 2022: Remaining free games come today

From today you can download the remaining PS plus games for the month of April from the PS Store. If you have a corresponding subscription, your games library will be full of up to three games in a few hours.

Date and time of publication:

  • Date of activation: Tuesday, April 05
  • Approximate time: at 12 o’clock at noon *

  • A concrete time for publishing the “free” games for PS4 and PS5 does not know Sony. From experience, however, we can tell you that the games usually stand out between 12 and 13 o’clock for download. As usual, we will also update this article at the time of publication accordingly.

These are the PS plus highlights in April 2022

In April we can highly recommend two games from the new PS plus-lineup – assuming you are fans of retro platforms and deckbuilder roguelikes.

For Jump & Run fans:

You should definitely take a look in the SpongeBob remake. With Battle for Bikini Bottom – rehydrated, namely the new edition of the 3D platform, which originally appeared in 2003 for PS2 and Xbox was published and became a cult classic in the following years.

It’s about it: In the game, she slips into the skin – or rather the pants – by SpongeBob, Sandy and Patrick, who have all the different skills, and must save Bikini Bottom from the threatening robotic invasion. It is handled by colorful and chic levels, the remake can be visually well seen and is an absolute must for fans of the series.

More about the game is in the games test:

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more on the subject

A sponge tasting remake


PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) April 2022 (PS+)

For fans of Roguelikes and Deckbuildern

On the other hand, we can only advise you to take a look in Slay The Spire. The mix of Roguelike, Deckbuilder and Dungeon crawler belongs with the best, which the genre has produced in recent years.

That’s why it’s time: In the game you are working through procedure generated levels and defeated a boss opponent at their end. Shamped is round-based, with a deck of cards that performs their attacks, strengthens your defensive or occupy your opponents with debuffs. If you fail, it says Game Over and it starts from the beginning. Strategy is everything in Slay the Spire and be once in the card log, you will not get out here so fast. Promised!

Last chance! Until the new PS plus games hike in the PS Store, you can download the free games from March for lunch. Ghostrunner, Ark, Team Sonic Racing and the standalone multiplayer of Ghost of Tsushima are. You can learn more about the games here.

Game No. 3 in the April-Lineup by PS Plus is by the way Hood: Outlaws and Legends. Although the co-op game in the games test did not give a great figure in the games test, but you are currently looking for an action game that you can play cooperatively together with friend *, then a look can certainly not hurt.

PS Plus is changed: You should know that now

Sony has announced a realignment of PS plus last week, also announced the elimination of PS NOW. games has hardly recorded everything important for you. So you want to know what it has with the new animal system on what happens to your old subscriptions and what games the service in the future offers, then you will find all the information here.

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