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Very little known to the general public, the Mouse Gaming Asus Rog Keris, however, deserves his place between the gamers’ fingers. This wireless mulot has many assets for gamers looking for a good powerful and durable wireless game mouse. Fortunately, Amazon currently offers a good 50% discount to acquire this mulot at only € 49.99.

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We often talk about Gaming Logitech or Razer mouse and we often forget that ASUS also has printed peripherals for performance. The Mouse Gamer Asus Rog Keris Wireless is a mouse specializing in FPS that has many assets.

If we want to talk performance, the Keris is not left out with its DPI sensor capable of cash acceleration up to 40 g and offering a speed ranging * Up to 400 IPS. In other words, the human capable of putting this sensor in default is not yet born. For the most nervous gamers, the feather weight of 79 grams is ideal, thanks to its honeycomb construction inside the mulot. With 7 programmable buttons *, this mouse gaming for fps is quite classic. But she still has many other assets.

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The strong strong point of the mouse Gaming Asus lies in the ability to change the clicks switches. The SWITCHS ROG , certified for 0 million clicks (little mouse exceed 50 million clicks) are replaceable, ideal for keeping its mouse long. You can also change them for OMRON SWITCHS of your choice to customize the resistance and sensation thanks to the socket “ Push-Fit “. To ensure more longevity, the main clicks are injected into PBT , making them much more wear resistant. The lateral buttons are replaceable *, another pledge of longevity and reliability.

Don't let its looks fool you! - ASUS ROG Keris Wireless Gaming Mouse

The battery life is brought to 78 hours , more than 60 hours of a G502 Wireless, without the RGB lighting and 56 hours with. RGB Lighting is synchronizable with other vessels of the Via Aura Sync to enjoy effects RGB . To spoil nothing, it is possible to play in wired , during the recharge, but also in Bluetooth in the case of office automation, or in 2.4 GHz . The ROG paracord cable is a flexibility model, offering great freedom of movement.

To spoil nothing, the package of this mouse is very complete, including:

The price fixed at 99,99 € is already well placed for a mouse with so many qualities. But right now, Amazon really wants that the gamers discover this mouse gaming subassene side, and offers a huge promo of \ – 50% on its basic price. It is thus possible to afford this Mulot Gaming Wireless for the modest sum of € 49.99 **.

Discover the offer at Amazon

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