Stöger shows interest in Austrias team bodies

The former Cologne and Dortmunder Bundesliga coach Peter Stöger has been officially signals for the first time in the team bushing in the Austrian national team. The 55-year-old led a conversation with Peter Schöttel, sport director of the Austrian Football Federation (ÖFB).

“I made it clear if he wants, then the job is interesting for me. If not, I also have fun with Sky,” said the expert of the pay-TV station on Sunday. Schöttel and he knows “for 30 years. We have had to do as a player. We have had to do as an opposing coach,” Stöger said.

You know, “as we see football. We have exchanged. I have given my assessment what I perceived from the outside. He then told a bit of what he has perceived themselves,” said stomans. But he is clear about that it will “talk with many other coaches.”

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The ÖFB is looking for a successor to the German ex-national player Franco Foda, who at 2: 2 against Scotland on March 29 last the red-white-red team had looked after.

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