Bella Kotchap praises mentality of the U 21

from Israel reports Carsten Schröter-Lorenz

Bella Kotchap: Armel Bella Kotchap, What was the key to win this important game in Israel at the end of 1: 0?

Armel Bella Kotchap: We wanted to stand compact and find spaces forward. This is only partially succeeded in the first half. The last pass and the last determination have missed a bit. We are happy about this victory. He may be a bit happy in the end, but we love to take him.

Bella Kotchap: Both teams produced a total of many mistakes. Did the nervousness play a big role in this game for both partitioning?

Bella Kotchap: I think it was not the nervousness. We knew that a very aggressive opponent approaches us, we knew that the opponent stands compact, holds the gaps and defends very aggressively forward. It was very difficult for us to get in. After 15 minutes we got better access, in the second half we have dropped a bit and lurked on counterattack. Thanks to us, that’s god.

Bella Kotchap: You have failed at the beginning of the country game phase because of a positive corona findings, but could travel to Israel on Saturday. How was that possible?

Bella Kotchap: After the third or fourth day, another PCR test has brought a negative result, so I was allowed to go to the team quite quickly.

We supported us and celebrate us for every duel. That belongs to our mentality.

Armel Bella Kotchap

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Bella Kotchap: and have delivered a great energy performance in this game despite some missed training days in this game, were defensively of the rock not to be converted in the surf.

Bella Kotchap: I felt good and had a good team in the back. We have supported and uses us for every duel. This is one of our mentality, and you can see how we grew together as a team. The team spirit is very high up with us. So we can continue.

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Bella Kotchap: In the playful area, however, a lot has to be better.

Bella Kotchap: In any case. We noticed in this game that it will not be much with the ball, therefore more attempted in the second half, to drive counterattacks and bring the last passports well to the man to shoot this one goal.

Bella Kotchap: From the tribune made the lawn very bumpy, how was it on the field?

Bella Kotchap: I say it that way: he was playable. (Grinst)

Bella Kotchap: There is only one point until the secure profit of the EM qualification group B. The next possibility to get at least this counter is available in the early June in the home game against Hungary.

Bella Kotchap: It is our great goal to deliver a good performance in Germany before our own fans in Germany and to solve the ticket as soon as possible.

We had to go through the last two, three weeks a difficult phase. Nonetheless, we absolutely want to reach the league and will give everything.

Armel Bella Kotchap

Bella Kotchap: Until then, for you and the VfL Bochum the final spurt in the fight for the league. How do you appreciate the situation after the youngest of two defeats in series also came about through the game break in the home game against Gladbach?

Bella Kotchap: We had to go through a difficult phase for the last two, three weeks. Nonetheless, we absolutely want to reach the league and will give everything.

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