Time Einsters like Skyrim: 12 games that have gambled their 1,000 hours

There are hundreds of games that want your attention. Who has time for it when a single is enough to make you happy for an eternity? We asked you in which Games you have already spent more than 1,000 hours. In this picture line you will find your answers.

Gambling Addiction Finally Paid Off

12 games in which you have spent an eternity

Do you also have this a game, to which you just can return again and again? This a world that has tied you so long that she has become a kind of second home? Such a game can accompany you for years and provide unforgettable experiences during pierced nights.

There can be many reasons why a game is not boring after more than 1,000 hours **. Maybe you have found new friends there, there are constantly new updates or the fans themselves keep the game with interesting mods alive. We asked you for examples of these perfect evergreens. Your answers can be found in this picture line:

From Skyrim, About Minecraft to World of Warcraft. Games with practical infinite playback are your money really worth. Your answers reveal the many reasons why a game remains exciting more than 1,000 hours.

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