“LOOP HERO” Development is a situation where Pirated DL is recommended for Russian users-economic sanctions to the country

LOOP HERO Development source Four Quarters recommended pirated downloads of the same title to users of the Countries Countries for Ukraine Invasion at Russian SNS “VK”.

Four Quarters is a Russian indie game development studio. In addition to being popular in STEAM, “PLEASE, DON’T Touch Anything” is popular in STEAM, “Loop Hero” released in early March, achieving 5 million sells in only one week, such as achieving a total of 500 million sells. The head angle is in the game industry.

The next day Russia started to invade Ukraine, the same studio, “We are against the war” and argu with Twitter and Vk. And March 27, I broke about one month of silence and then “Let’s set the pirate flag together”, a download link with a “Loop Hero” pirated version.

By posting, Four Quarters has recently asked, “How should I buy” Loop Hero “with Switches and Steam? However, so far, Steam and Nintendo e shops are inactive due to economic sanctions and corporate responses in each country. So the studio is said to be “sharing the most popular title”.


Also, on the next day, we will post it as “the response more than expected”, and rather, “I came to come to a lot of contribution offer.” In the event, the “Loop Hero” update has been over 80%, and the PS version and the XBOX version were also reported to be released.

According to the Overseas Media PC Gamer, the same work Publisher Develver Digital has been contacted by Four Quarters in advance and comments that “supports fully support”.

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