XQC calls aloud stupid will smith chris rock slap reaction

Felix «XQC» Lengyel is the last one to comment on Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in Los Oscar after the latter made a joke at the expense of the first wife while on stage. If he has been on the Internet for a few minutes, he will know that the moment actually divided the spectators and those who captured the action later on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other places. While most condemned Smith for the actions of him, some defended him. And of course, some also used it as an opportunity to flood the Internet with memes and more jokes.

During a recent twitch transmission, XQC not only called Will Smith for the actions of him, but also those who have been making jokes on the outbreak of the Oscar, qualifying the latter as “stupid”.

Stars react to the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

“My God. That was simply uncomfortable, “said XQC. “However, that was a great blow… I understand it. He did a bad joke. I understand that he is angry. But with the kind of slap that he was, what if he really hurt him?

Twitch streamer continued:

“I do not think that climbing physical things, never well. People say that it is funny and that he slapped him and gave him rolling his ass. But I think that climbing physical violence is never the right choice, even if it is just a slap. “. I do not think that it’s necessary. Even if he wanted to do that, he could have done it later or at another time. I do not know. I understand why people laugh and make jokes, but I think he is just f fucking stupid. Will Smith is a species of L lately ».

While XQC is sometimes found in the minority with the various shots of it, this time apparently it is at most, at least with its version of Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter @Tyler_fischer_ and let me know there. Do you agree with XQC? Should not people make fun of the incident?

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