Monster Hunter World: Igeborn Nightshade Paolumu – Tips and Tricks to defeat him

How to avoid the sleeping powder and tackles the monster puff ball

(Credit: Capcom)

The monster hunter world: Irish-born nightshade Paolumu is a cheerful-looking bat creature, which is a variant of the Paolumu from the world. This uses an incredibly strong sleeping gas to immobilize its prey and all predators. If you are not prepared for the tricks of the flying Wyvern, this can be a huge pain.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne | NIGHTSHADE PAOLUMU New Subspecies Gameplay

Nightshade Paolumu does not look as intimidating as the rest of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but it can still destroy those who dare to underestimate his power. In fact, Nightshade Paolumu can even decimate the most experienced hunters quickly when they come to the nap. If you want to avoid this deadly to fall victim to the sleep, follow the sacrifice, please follow our monster guide below to find the tips and tricks you need to defeat these wild flying wyvern.

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