Elden Ring: How to find all death roots for the Beast Clerk Guranq

The great wide world of Elden Ring \ – one of the greatest strengths of the game, as we have turned out in our test – has a lot to offer: dangerous bossons, for example, beautiful scenery and hidden treasures. So that your adventure can start and you can discover this huge world for you, we recommend you first our helpful entry-level tips.

ATTENTION SPOILER: Some of the death roots can only be found in the later course of the game, we must therefore respond to you any unknown areas and bosse.

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Page 1. Quest series from Betriebekleriker Guranq start and the testicular side

Page 2. All localities of death roots and the rewards

Page 3. Picture gallery to “Elden Ring: Locations of all death roots for Beast clerk Guranq”

Be a little further in Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €), you may already have hit the Beast Clerk Guranq , which is in Beast Refuge , high up in the northeast of Caelid. The church-like building is guarded by a Gargoyle called Schwarzblade Kindred, which does nothing, but if you do not attack him.

How do I start the quest series of Betrienschleriker Guranq?

You can also meet Guranq by chance, but it is more likely to have sent you another NPC to him. You’re talking to D, the hunter of the dead in the Tafelrundfeste and have a death root, he recommends a visit to the Beast Clerk.

The fastest way to him mark D immediately on your map: Above the third church of Marika In the east of Limgrave is a teleporter, which brings you directly to the Beast Refugium. There you go to the interior of the retreat and talk to Beast clerk Guranq, who already sniffs the death root , thank you and ask you to find more.

The testic eye: Find death roots made easy

Said, done: Now it is important to find the remaining eight death roots, as a whole, you need all nine to complete the quest series from Guranq and to curse all the rewards – which are, we’ll reveal you below. First, it is now looking for the coveted roots.

Among other things, the arms attack the testimonial , an item that Guranq gives you after receiving the first death root. Whenever you are close to a death root, the testicularly reacts and give you. If you follow our guide, you should not really need the item.

Elden Ring - Gurranq Beast Clergyman Questline and Deathroot Locations

Since you can only start the quest with a death root in his pocket, just look for one of our list you can achieve well and get these before you go to the search for the others. It is best to use one of the two, which you can sack in Limgrave .

One last tip: As soon as your GURRANQ has given four death roots and travels to him for handing the fifth to him, he will rummage angry through the refuguis. After giving him a certain amount of damage to him, he will calm down and you can continue the quest series. The locations of the death roots we betray you then on the next page!

Page 1 Quest series of Beast Clerk Start Guranq and receive the testicular

Page 2 All localities of death roots and the rewards

Page 3 picture gallery to Elden Ring: Locations of all death roots for Beast clerk Guranq

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