New to accessories and character classes in Diablo Immortal

Blizzard has published some new details about Diablo Immortal. There is also an unrealistic registration goal.

When the mobile Game Diablo Immortal appears, Blizzard still did not reveal. But at least the first tests are now started and now there are more details about the action RPG. The American developer has published two new blog entries, which turn to the personalization options and on the other in advance registrations.

In Diablo Immortal it will be possible what a surprise to personalize your own character in a variety of ways. With accessories, Blizzard’s version of a normal skin, the appearance of your character can be changed without affecting equipment or values. However, some accessories add some new animations. In addition, the accessories will change the size of your character, which was not the case in other games of the series. With legendary gemstones, even further changes can be made and if your gems uses on the maximum level, cosmetic wings are unlocked. Since a mobile game must somehow be monetized, it should give a new accessory set per month that can be applied to all character classes. There are also individual accessories for buying as well as accessories that can be created quite normal.

Diablo Immortal All Classes Customization Closed Beta Character Creation Diablo Mobile 2021
Blizzard has also expressed itself to a new feature, which is to be integrated only after the release in Diablo Immortal. It is the class change of your characters. Blizzard will therefore offer you the option to change your character class without losing much progress. In Westmark you may change the class and optical appearance. But there are your progress on paragon levels. If the change is completed, you get a new set of suitable objects for your new class and you are able to transfer your complete object progress and all gems. To do this, keep your old items and the content of your booty. The same applies to your progress in the Hordricious vessels and the reliquary of hell. But you have to re-collect legendary objects for your new class.

Blizzard is currently not enough for creating a veritable hype. If 30 million players register for Android and iOS up to the release, there is all the horadrim accessoireset. Within the first 30 days after the release, you may then claim this set for you. Just ask if the number is not a bit high.

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