Important victories for Heidelberg and Oldenburg

Heidelberg UCC Service 02/27/2022
MLP Academy Heidelberg won on Wednesday evening at the playoff candidate BG Göttingen at 82:70 (36:28). The Göttinger did enormously heavy over long parts of the game. Especially in the offensive, the ball missed the goal much too often. That used the Heidelberger, who met their two-point litters better and sometimes even lay with 22 meters.

In the second game of the evening, the EWE Baskets Oldenburg also celebrated an important victory in the relegation battle. They won at 74:71 (39:33) at Medi Bayreuth. After a weak start, they turned up in the second quarter and first moved away. Although the households were able to compensate again, but in the final quarter, the Lower Saxony had the better nerves and celebrated the fourth victory in a row.

Medi Bayreuth – Ewe Baskets Oldenburg 71:74 (18: 12:15: 27.21: 16:17: 19)

Points Medi Bayreuth: Allen 17, Anim 15, Seiferth 15, Sajus 8, Doreth 6, Wells 4, Jalalpoor 2, Joesaar 2, Wohlrath 2
EWE BASKETS OLDENBURG: Heidegger 23, Paulding 18, Odiase 9, Pjanic 8, Pressey 6, Holyfield 4, Michalak 4, Herrera 2
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