Rebellious Developer New, Sekiro Style Action Games

The new, “Nine Sols”, the new, “Nine Sols”, the new development of the horror game ‘Democratic Demonstration’, and ‘Nine Sols’, Achieved.

New Gameplay And Details On Creating Sekiro's Combat

The crowdfunding of ‘Nine Sals’ was scheduled to be held until May 9, but it was reported to have achieved a target amount fund in the day of the start of fundraising. Currently, a total of 4.3 million Taiwanese dollars (about KRW 13838 million) (about KRW 1300 million) gathered, achieving 144% existing targets.

Red Candle Games’ New ‘Nine Sales’ was the first to be able to avoid enemy attacks and counterattacked control-centric action games. At that time, only the two characters in the short image of 16 seconds and the two characters in the destination dressed in the stuff were tailored, only the “religious element will be an action game that is melted.”

The developer is introduced to the “Taopunk style 2D action flat former game in the” Taopunk style 2D-style “Taopunk style, which was inspired by the action game ‘Sekiro’ of the promotional game of promotional software. As the former ‘reduction’ was, the story related to ethnic religion is being discussed, but the game style is expected to be a completely different from the previous ones, as the game style is inspired by the Hollow Knight, Katana Zero.

In fact, there are a variety of operations to add a fun of action flatmoms such as “deflection”, the enemy, and exploding the ‘deflexes’, and exploding, and exploding, and exploding the enemy as a pairing.

Red Candle Games is a game developer founded in Taiwan in 2015. The development of the psychological horror game, the development of ‘semi-government’ and ‘reduction’, and the Chinese users are included in the game in the game, and have had many of the books of the Chinese users, and lowering the game at Steam. The game, which was a problem that was a problem, “reduction” is still in a state of still in steam.

Red Candle Games’ new ‘Nine Sals’ will be launched since the second quarter of 2023 through steam and PS and Nintendo switch platforms.

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