[Review] 47g, is it light than eggs? ASUS TUF M4 AIR Gaming Mouse

These days often feel a flicker sikeun on the right wrist. The number of eyes cut out sick body to jjippudung wrist numb me than ever to stop the game ended. It’s bound to lower in-game sensitivity and moving the mouse with your wrist as the arm is not, and when and where the enemy’s pop was a green light to form a trinity to come out do not know strenuous mice used in the shooting genre galryeona slip it reaches the status of the red flag.

Even now, try mudeonhan No way in trying to break the origins of the game of pain, giving a strain on the wrist, such as Ames method using an arm to hold or fix your posture Although less lines to take action. But as the years accumulated habits grungy adaptation is not to difficult, depending gave the game a score close ilsamat repetition of the vicious cycle going back to the old habit. Any straw to catch feelings, if you have a lightweight mouse deuldeogunyo the idea that the cumulative fatigue would not be less.

In fact, close to the mouse ‘lightweight’ title as 80g also that journalists use, but also lightweight gaming mouse Would not ikseon source. Let’s go to the lightest. Recently launched AIR ASUS TUF M4 weight does doejil at best only 47g. Note that the egg (ilbanran basis) and one weighs 56g, tennis ball is 53g, the weight of the golf ball is going 46g 47g hisil am feeling right about what job to some extent.

Let’s find out more about the mouse. Day of TUF Seuss is the brand that are common in the graphics card or motherboard to look for a durable product that performance has been proven brand reputation is high. IPX6 waterproof function is applied to the user’s sweat or liquids enter the inside the mouse prevents damage inside the PCB to throw, it did not guard the ASUS antibiotic, such as to inhibit bacteria, the surface of the mouse.

The perforated facade for a little bit further down the mouse weight sungsung impressive. Air-shell frame of pyramid shape (Air Shell) yiraneunde design, is easy to form words pierce the treated surface into triangles. I actually hold the mouse felt very light, but the size is not small. Width 63.5mm, slightly longer design chosen vertical vertical 126mm, height 39.6mm. Reporter to prefer the mouse, this mouse-size stable at your fingertips with a claw grip, ASUS TUF M4 AIR told me more of this low grunge palm grip, such as a long vertical length side.

The ASUS TUF M4 AIR dwaeteumyeo is applied PAW-3335 sensor’s online art, it can be set up to 16K DPI. Ensure compliance with accuracy and speed to the maximum acceleration 40G, maximum speed 400 IPS. A scroll wheel, a total of six possible DPI button Change button, until the left and right side buttons and use, and the left and right buttons and equipped the 60 million conferencing life. Jjigeok play or when the wheel is rubber design into a non-slip pattern, eoteul shake Lim has never had.

PTFE mouse foot was placed in the top two and the bottom one dog. PTFE mouse foot is a para-flex cables have been applied to minimize the flicker of the hamper and interfere with the desk surface of the mouse lines. However, it is thin enough to be felt ahswipneyo the internal line of the p-code the fiber.

ASUS formula soft feel wear of ARMOURY CRATE the ASUS TUF M4 AIR mouse command button assigned through, DPI, the polling rate, it is possible to modify a number of functions such as smoothing removed, LOD (vertical motion distance) to adjust the value to move lifting the mouse in a pad when you point to and fro to avoid bouncing phenomenon. Unfortunately, RGB LED is not applicable. Well, can I also busy concentrating on the game should give up any LED long.

■ Product information and appearance

  • ASUS TUF Gaming M4

  • Mouse Sensor: Pixart 3335

    • DPI and polling rate: ** up to 16,000 DPI / 1000Hz (1ms)
  • maximum IPS and Acceleration: 400 IPS / 40G

  • forms symmetric

* Connection Type: Wired

  • Number of buttons: 6

  • Cable: TUF Gaming Paracode (2M)

  • Weight : 47g

  • Product Size: 126 * 63.5 * 39.6mm

Epic 47g ultralight? ASUS TUF Gaming M4 Air Gaming Mouse Review

■ Wrist Pain ↓ ASUS TUF GAMING M4

Journalists are using the current 80g single asymmetric mouse. Previously I am making I have spent more than 100g a mouse adapted to the “lightweight” for the mouse trends released today. However, 100-> 80g I took a long time to adapt to the mouse for writing is certain at this time ASUS TUF GAMING M4 jeokeunggi that is going to be hungry.

Journalists who prefer a claw grip asymmetric mouse egen sseudeon the existing M4 has been slightly modified to suit your mouse. The palm grip downed being forced into such a low, long height. Of course, it is a small hand press itjimanyo size.

The price is 9,000 won to 50,000 Internet shopping standards. Gritty three years ago compared to the ASUS TUF M3 release is not a bad choice. In addition, the sensor is a decent piece Quality ttajimyeon that the sensor of the mouse a few mouse Premium Asus ROG PAW-3335. Above 47g ultra light weight served as the punching, and high durability million TUF. If the user has a high confidence that prefer a lightweight mouse ASUS TUF M4 is I think sufficient merit.

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