LOL: Ruination, the novel that Riot will launch at the end of the year about Kalista

A few minutes ago we have just known an important news for lovers of League of Legends, who are not few after what happened with a world phenomenon as Arcane. As the Riot Games has announced through a media-widespread press release, we will have a new novel on Runaterra.

The title is not another that _ ruination_ (ruin in Spanish) and will refer, as you are all already assuming, to the history of Viego, Isolde and the Islands of the Shadow. It is about the narrative that was closed at last season through all kinds of experiences such as cinematic, texts and even videogames like The Ruined King.

It might not make sense to revise it, since it was a bombardment on the part of Riot Games during the past year, but the truth is that the stormer fans were not satisfied with continuity in the Lore. But it can also be this format, the one of the novel, which allows the writers of League of Legends to mark the true story in the most appropriate way.

Let’s go back to ruin

_ RUINATION_ will be published in September of this year, for the time being in English in physical format, eBook and as an audiobook, although it is working on translations for large international markets, so we can suppose a version in Spanish. The novel will try the story of Kalista, General of King Viego and the search for a kingdom full of magic to find a cure for Queen Isolde.

In the press release it is said that it will be “the first novel based on the Universe of League of Legends.” This is interesting, because it was more than a year ago Garen: First shield , which is already considered the first novel of the world of Runaterra, and that curiously also wrote Anthony Reynolds, Riot Games’ writer. In the absence of more details, it seems that this implies that it will be much more ambitious than that first contact with the publishing world by Riot Games.

_ “Stories play a very important role when exploring our world and champions in a profound way. This is a history of Runaterra and will provide more information about the events that formed the most important characters. We are excited that Orbit will make this possible for our followers “_, highlight Ashley Maidy, Head of Consumer Products for Riot Games.

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