For Honor: Golden era seam in Year 6 Season 1

Ubisoft announces that for Honor Year 6 Season 1 Golden era will be available from 17 March. The story begins with a relic, an antique goblet, which will lead the playing back to the Golden Age of Heathmoor.

There, the origin of the guards can be explored by Lord Ramiel, the first of his kind. Gambling can learn more about history during the new launch event “Eid of Lindwurmtal”. In addition to the event, Phase 1 of the Fuser’s platform playplane is also introduced to the start of the Season Plan, which matches three player groups for matchmaking to PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

For Honor - Year 6 Season 1 Main Theme

For this Season, the cross-platform game will be available for all multiplayer game modes, with the exception of co-op experiences such as custom matches (only in phase 1), arcade, training mode and the campaign. Phase 2 will allow players to merge with cross-platform friends. Phase 2 will appear later this year.

The new event “The Eid of Lindwurl Valley” will include a new game mode, a free event passport, plunderable weapons and more. The game mode will take place on the cathedral map, where players will join together to defeat the hero of the Golden era, Lord Ramiel. The team, which proves to be worthwhile in Ramiel’s rows, receives the chance to push the opposing team in the narrow and to do it.

Starting in Year 6, Lord Ramiel’s Hero Skin can be used in for Honor. This is available at the start of the Season for 25,000 steel. The Battle Pass will also be available at 100 stages and various rewards, which will reflect the theme of the season.

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