Dragon Lord: Court of court starts on Wednesday, tackled hill

Although the Youtuber and Streamer Dragon Lord has become relatively quiet in the last few days, but Rainer W., so his bourgeois name, has to answer again this week before a court in Nuremberg.

It’s about alleged offenses such as bodily injury and insults. In the small home village of the Dragenlord in central Francs, meanwhile, the “ski jump” was demolished, so the former residential building of Rainer W.

The Germany tour of the Youtuber seems to pause up to pause. Brittle stones of the “demolished ski jump” are currently sold online for insane buzzing as “fan articles”. How is it going to continue with Rainer W., does he actually be detained?

Drachenlord soon in prison?

In fact threaten to the Dragon Lord for two years prison, That was the verdict in October – or even more. After all, the public prosecutor’s office calls for the controversial Youtuber two and a half years.

Whether it comes to it will show on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 if the vocation process starts in Nuremberg . Rainer W. and his creditor also appealed to the previous judgment at the end of last year.

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Also, if the characters are rather bad, there is a chance to make again with a probationary sentence for the 32-year-old. He was convicted. To this conclusion, the well-known lawyer Chan-Jun Jun comes from the law firm specializing in IT and business law “Jun Lawyers” from W├╝rzburg in a new video.

“Schanze” demolished, building rubble online

Meanwhile, sales platforms have already appeared online already Brittle old stones of the “Schanze” . At the online market square eBay, alleged rubble scored from the building at an auction already I rinsing prices of more than 50 euros.

At the same time, three weeks after the excerpt of the Dragenlord from his old house the property is still watched almost around the clock of police forces to hold “Hater” from the trivial freight .

Germany tour pauses?

And what is actually with the Germany tour of Rainer W., whom he approached with great ambitions after his excerpt? After all, it has already been to the North Sea coast and even to Italy. The so-called “Schnitzel Hunt” made for many headlines over the past few weeks.

Currently the tour seems to pause, Last Tuesday Rainer W. Lastly published a video from a eye-catching car, with which he travels through the area.

Speculation make the round, could be on the approaching vocation. With restraint on his internet presence, the Dragon Lord could score in court. This aspect was always important in the past with the legal conflict with the so-called “Dragon Game”.

Is the “Game” finally before the end? You read this below.

“Dragon Game” soon to an end?

Should the preliminary judgment be confirmed or exacerbated in the vocation process, Rainer W. could actually go to prison soon. Of course, he could not release stream and publish new videos. The vagabound life would also be impossible. So there is quite the chance that the “Dragon Game” will finally find an end soon, at least for the time of the prison sentence.

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